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Checklist for planning your dream trip

The list is provided to assist you in planning your equipment for your time with us. Because our fish are wild and living in gin-clear water, they have advantages in vision that surprise many anglers new to New Zealand. Hence you will find a reference to specific colors NOT to wear. In general, we can walk up to 10 miles (16km) but generally about 3-5miles (5-8km), so your comfort in attire is our main concern. Clothing- Dull earthy coloured Trousers. No bright colours, reds or whites. Khaki, ta...

December 4, 2019

Areas to target feeding trout on NZ rivers

Areas to target feeding trout on NZ rivers You will find trout in places where food sources are abundant, and the living is easy. Here are some insights, so you have an easier time catching them.  Where trout feedFocus on areas with a structure like a rock where the current is diverting the flow, trout love to sit in the softer water, only swinging out to intercept food. That's how they get so big here. By being lazy, it always comes down to energy expended vs. energy consump...

November 25, 2019

Stalking approach in New Zealand gin clear waters

You spot a feeding fish in New Zealand gin-clear waters, feeding like crazy swinging side to side and rising to the surface. The excitement, your heartbeat quickens. You rush to get in position to deliver the cast. You've dreamt about this moment. Then all of a sudden, the fish is gone your heart sinks, and you wonder how on earth did the trout know your coming.We have all been there, and it sucks, if it hasn't happened yet, it most likely will. Let's go through a few ways to optimise your ...

November 25, 2019

The history of acclimatisation

Brown trout were first introduced into NZ (Canterbury) IN 1867. Shipments were originally from the test and two other waters in the UK. They came via Hobart, Tasmania.  Rainbow trout were introduced from the West Coast of the USA in 1883 and are regarded as mostly originating from sea-going migratory steelhead stock. However, in NZ, rainbow trout do not migrate to the sea. They are less widespread than brown trout in NZ, and they are more tolerant of higher temperatures than brown trout. Al...

September 10, 2019

Shane Bastiaans

“For me this day was a dream come true, the day could not have been any better. I have still got a smile on my face. Thanks very much, Todd for the amazing fishing, your patience, and tutorage. Legendary day mate.”  ...

July 10, 2019

Wilson Bastiaans

“Thanks so much for the day and teaching me so much about fly fishing. I was stoked that I finally got my first fish on fly and seeing the amazing scenery and taking us to your secret spot have to do it again with you!” ...

July 10, 2019

New Zealand fly fishing video

Watch it here:...

June 11, 2019

Tom and Pat McCabe, USA

“It was magical… Todd was fun to be with and worked hard for us. He is an excellent guide and teacher. When we return to New Zealand, we will be sure to fish with him again.”...

March 11, 2019

Craig Turton

“Todd delivered an outstanding fishing experience. The depth of his knowledge was incredible. He got a first timer up to speed very quickly who then landed the fish of the day. Can’t wait to get back there.”...

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