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New Zealand fly fishing is regarded as the pinnacle of sight fishing for large wild brown and rainbow trout.

Boasting gin-clear waters, the visual aspect of fishing in New Zealand with its breathtaking scenery is unparalleled. The visceral experience of connecting with these wild places will give you a deep-seated sense of contentment and from our extensive knowledge and experience we have created a selection of packages to give you an adventure you will treasure for a lifetime...

Day trip

$850 1-2 anglers

A day trip is an excellent option for the angler with limited time who wants to experience what NZ Fly Fishing is all about. Whether you are a novice angler or like the comfort of Queenstown's and the quaint surrounding towns great accommodation options each night, this is the trip option for you.

The day comprises of 6-8 hours of fishing time. Travel time being 40min-2hrs to and from the river depending on your unique desires for the day and varying river conditions.

All fly fishing equipment and gear is included which includes rods, reels, flies, waders, boots, etc

Along with snacks, water, and a nutritious lunch that caters to dietary requirements.

4wd access.

Pick up can be from your place of stay or a pre-planned location agreed upon by guide and clients.

Overnight/ Multi-day Adventure

$850 1-2 Anglers 

*rates exclusive of expenses 

This trip is about getting deep into the back-country and experiencing what serious kiwi anglers revel in. It is the quintessential NZ Fly fishing experience.

You are hiking into the headwaters camping out or staying in a hut. To wake up amidst a stunning location and fishing all day long.

These trips can range from 2-4 days in length.

Where walking 10km a day with a full pack is necessary.

Personally, these are the most fulfilling trips I provide. As you get to connect with these wild environments on a much deeper level and have the chance at some great fish. The walkout is filled with gratitude as you get to experience the best of New Zealand.

Each trip is customised, Todd offers no obligation quotes to plan your dream trip, so you have an authentic NZ fly fishing experience that unique to your specific desires 

Backcountry hut experience

$850 1-2 Anglers per day

Private Back country hut accommodation $150 per night

*rate exclusive of expenses

This trip will be based around finding the best water to fish depending on river conditions while staying in a back-country hut in a picturesque valley. All meals will be provided. Dinner would consist of fresh meats and salads. With the choice of toasted cereals or bacon and eggs for breakfast along with a healthy amount of coffee. Nutritious lunches and snacks throughout the day.

Of course, dietary requirements are catered for.

This experience is about getting to spend time in some stunning valleys less travelled with the opportunity at some large wild back-country fish.

Heli fishing

A helicopter is a great way to get us deep in the backcountry where the scenery is breathtaking, and the rivers are pristine. It's not that the quality of fishing is better, or they are easier to catch, more so the stunning scenery that surrounds these places.

If interested, a quote will be provided upon enquiry.

This is an adventure you won't forget

A little more about the unique fly fishing experience New Zealand offers...

As you already know the rivers in the Southern Lakes region are nothing short of spectacular. 

Fly fishing in New Zealand takes on more of a hunting/stalking approach as we sight and cast at specific fish. Watching wild brown and rainbow trout come up from deep in the water column to take a dry fly leaves many anglers obsessed with the fishing here. 

That being said, it provides a significant challenge. The waters are so clear, and these fish are highly perceptive and in tune with their pristine environments. Their senses are extraordinary. They are incredibly vigilant. So alert to sound and vibrations, they will leave you wondering how on earth they knew you were coming. A misplaced rock can have them swimming for cover.

A stealth approach is critical. 

An accurate cast at a range of 30+ ft with a 12-15ft leader is essential. Having adequate line control as drag can be the difference between the fish refusing or eating your fly.

All of these factors add to the satisfaction of hooking and landing one of these magnificent fish.

From Queenstown, there is an array of rivers to fish, all with unique characteristics and excellent opportunities at brown and rainbow trout. These rivers vary significantly in numbers and the size of fish. Fish density in some rivers will be up to two hundred fish per mile with fish between 2-6 pounds, and other waterways provide two fish per mile from 8-10+ pounds.

It is my absolute desire to guide you to catch the fish of your dreams and to give you experiences to remember in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Add to these hours great camaraderie, a passion for the outdoors, getting to meet authentic people like yourself, and you'll have a memory worth cherishing for a lifetime.

If I have the privilege of guiding you, you can be guaranteed of my utmost effort to ensure you have a trip to remember for all the right reasons.


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