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The best of New Zealand fly fishing for wild brown and rainbow trout in the world famous Otago and Southland regions is found here with Todd Adolph Guided Fly Fishing.

Uniquely customised trips are created for your specific aspirations and experience. And, if you wish, i take some stunning photographs for you to remember it by.

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“Todd delivered an outstanding fishing experience. The depth of his knowledge was incredible. He got a first timer up to speed very quickly who then landed the fish of the day. Can't wait to get back there.”

Fly fishing in Queenstown New Zealand

New Zealand Fly fishing is regarded as the pinnacle of sight fishing for wild brown and rainbow trout. The rivers in the Southern lakes region are nothing short of spectacular, boasting gin-clear waters. 

Coupled with breathtaking and unparalleled scenery, the visceral experience of connecting with these wild places will give you a deep-seated sense of contentment and memories to cherish. 

That being said, there is significant challenge here...

The water is so clear, and these fish are highly perceptive and in tune with their pristine environments. Their senses are extraordinary. They are incredibly vigilant. So alert to sound and vibrations, they will leave you wondering how on earth they knew you were coming.

Understand them, experience the stunning New Zealand landscape, and improve your technique with a highly skilled instructor

Find out just why so many anglers are obsessed with the fishing here. 

What happens when you decide to take a fly fishing trip of a lifetime with Todd?

Remarkable experiences, informative instruction and a trip to remember forever. But don’t just take our word for it…

Your guide

“Creating memories worth cherishing is where my passion lives.” 

Todd Adolph developed a deep passion for fly fishing from a young age. 

Brought up in Queenstown, he has been exposed to some of New Zealand's best waters and knows them extensively. And it’s in the blood. His father and uncle are both fly fishing guides in the Otago and Southland regions, which has enabled Todd to build on their comprehensive in-depth knowledge of the fisheries. 

His approach is based around teaching, and he believes every day on the river is an opportunity to gain more understanding and develop as an angler.

Fly fishing tips and tricks here on our blog:

Checklist for planning your dream trip

The list is provided to assist you in planning your equipment for your time with us. Because our fish are wild and living in gin-clear water, they have advantages in vision that surprise many anglersRead more

Areas to target feeding trout on NZ rivers

Areas to target feeding trout on NZ rivers   You will find trout in places where food sources are abundant, and the living is easy.  Here are some insights, so you have an easier time catchingRead more

Stalking approach in New Zealand gin clear waters

You spot a feeding fish in New Zealand gin-clear waters, feeding like crazy swinging side to side and rising to the surface. The excitement, your heartbeat quickens. You rush to get in position toRead more

The history of acclimatisation

Brown trout were first introduced into NZ (Canterbury) IN 1867. Shipments were originally from the test and two other waters in the UK. They came via Hobart, Tasmania.  Rainbow trout wereRead more

Shane Bastiaans

“For me this day was a dream come true, the day could not have been any better. I have still got a smile on my face. Thanks very much, Todd for the amazing fishing, your patience, and tutorage.Read more

Wilson Bastiaans

“Thanks so much for the day and teaching me so much about fly fishing. I was stoked that I finally got my first fish on fly and seeing the amazing scenery and taking us to your secret spot have to Read more

New Zealand fly fishing video

Watch it here:Read more

Tom and Pat McCabe, USA

“It was magical… Todd was fun to be with and worked hard for us. He is an excellent guide and teacher. When we return to New Zealand, we will be sure to fish with him again.”Read more

Craig Turton

“Todd delivered an outstanding fishing experience. The depth of his knowledge was incredible. He got a first timer up to speed very quickly who then landed the fish of the day. Can’t wait to getRead more

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