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Checklist for planning your dream trip


The list is provided to assist you in planning your equipment for your time with us. Because our fish are wild and living in gin-clear water, they have advantages in vision that surprise many anglers new to New Zealand. Hence you will find a reference to specific colors NOT to wear. In general, we can walk up to 10 miles (16km) but generally about 3-5miles (5-8km), so your comfort in attire is our main concern.

- Dull earthy coloured Trousers. No bright colours, reds or whites. Khaki, tan, brown, and mid to dark greens are good. If wet wading polypropylene long johns in dull colours are advised. 

-Warm top layer 
Polar fleece or woollen jumper in dull colours is recommended for sudden weather changes. No reds, whites, or bright colours, please.

An essential piece of equipment for sun protecting and being able to assist in spotting fish. It must be dull and earthy in colour
- again, please no reds, bright colours or white. 

Stout walking shoes that you don't mind getting wet are a minimum. Wading boots are preferred with rubber soles. Felt soles are illegal as they can cause the spread of didymo, Studs are okay! Please make sure you declare your wading boots on the way through customs. 

Preferred wear for the months of October and November and late March, April, and May. We suggest breathable waders rather than Neoprene due to the amount of walking involved. Water and air temps get cold around these times; otherwise, we wet wade.

Good quality sunglasses, with polarised lenses, are essential for spotting fish in our gin-clear water. Brown/amber lens preferred but grey also excellent.

Due to our pollution-free atmosphere, we have intense ultraviolet light. A high factor (15-30 SPF) sunscreen is a must.

Good quality waterproof rain jacket. Dull colours preferred 

A small backpack for essentials is advised, nothing too big as it could hinder your casting and enjoyment.

If you want that photo of a lifetime! A waterproof bag is recommended.
I also carry an HQ digital camera and take photos of the day's proceedings as part of the service, which would be emailed to you after your trip is complete. 

-Rods, reels, and line
 5or 6 weight rods are recommended with floating WF or DT lines. Lines should be dull mid to dark greens or browns. Grey is also a good colour.

-Leaders and tippets  
12 to 15 foot 2x, 3x, and 4x (7lb to 5lb) in either mono or fluorocarbon are recommended with tippets to match.

Insects in New Zealand rivers are generally smaller than most visitors assume. Dryflys from size 10-18 are suitable and nymphs from 12-18.
Nymphs- Pheasant's tail and hair and coppers consistently work.
Dries- parachute Adams, stimulators, and cicadas are the staples.
Bring your favourite flies from home. We will try anything to catch trout.


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