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Kris Williams & Jocelyn Brenton

Jocelyn with a willow grubbing brown trout
Jocelyn with a willow grubbing brown trout

I've been reflecting on our day fishing together and wanted to write you to say thanks for spending the day with us. We both learned so much from you; for me, the importance of line management! and for Joce, a cast starting free of too many bad habits : ) I have not seen Joce smile like she did after catching her first fish in a long time.
Beyond your fly fishing expertise, you are an amazing teacher and we're so lucky to learn from you in an incredible place. I'm inspired by your ability to connect people with nature in a meaningful way - what you do is so important to keep people conservation-minded, something we see less and less in the US these days.
If we ever come back to NZ I hope we can look you up for another day of fishing together.


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