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What our clients say

Tom and Pat McCabe

The first day was magical due to where we fished and the number of fish we caught. On the second day, after getting shut out of a couple of larger rivers due to high water, Todd found us a small spring creek. He then proceeded to put us on a number of feisty trout. Todd was fun to be with and worked hard for us. He is an excellent guide and teacher as we were of two very different levels of experience. When we return to New Zealand, we will be sure to fish with him again.

Tom and Pat McCabe, USA

Craig Turton

Ron was a total beginner. It was my second experience in NZ. I have fished about ten times in Australia. Not very successfully.

Todd delivered an outstanding fishing experience. The depth of his knowledge was incredible. He got a first timer up to speed very quickly who then landed the fish of the day. Cant wait to get back there.

Wilson Bastiaans

Thanks so much for the day and teaching me so much about fly fishing I was stoked that I finally got my first fish on fly and seeing the amazing scenery and taking us to your secret spot have to do it again with you 

Shane Bastiaans

Thanks very much, Todd for the amazing day fishing, your patience, and tutorage of Wilson was great to watch he soaked every word you said, that showed straight away, for me this day was a dream come true, the day could not have been any better. I have still got a smile on my face. Can't wait to catch you in WA, and I can show you my back yard, thanks again, legendary mate day.  

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